MCR's Relatively Speaking

  Dr. Pepper South African (762/97-65)
South African (493/NAMA96-44)
NAMA Blitz
  South African (493/NAMA00-224) South African (493/NAMA97-165)
South African (NAMA98-107)
MCR's Relatively Speaking
  RRD Remington M160 *Ennobled* EGGS Ryals Magnum *Ennobled*
Miss RRD L87
RRD Remington's Curiosity
  RRD RS904 RRD Gunsmoke P502 *Ennobled*
RRD P663 *Ennobled*

MCR's Relatively Speaking is a very wide chested doe with lots of chrome. Sired by NAMA Blitz she has had a great show career and her kids are now making their mark in the ring. Soon to be Ennobled.

Sire: NAMA Blitz
Menger Creek Ranch
Ervin Chavana
P.O. Box 87
Boerne, Texas 78006
210-637-8350 Ranch
713-906-9317 Mobile

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